Find Property Investor Services in Troy or Dayton, OH or the Surrounding Area

Find Property Investor Services in Troy or Dayton, OH or the Surrounding Area

Let Shough Property Inspections guide your investments


Real Estate Evaluations
Are you considering purchasing a property in Troy or Dayton, OH but you don’t live in the state? Don’t sweat it. Shough Property Inspections offers property investor services. We can do the leg work of evaluating the prospective property and let you know what we find. Shough Property Inspections is your eyes, ears & feet on the ground for investment property evaluation and neighborhood analysis in the Dayton, Columbus and Cincinnati areas. Get raw video footage of the interior, exterior, major systems and the neighborhood of a potential investment property within 24 hours.  Evaluation includes video footage of the neighborhood within two blocks, a folder of photos taken of the property sent to you immediately following the evaluation and
a list of licesed/reputable contractors in the area, of all trades, to help save you time, money and research for any service that your investment property may need. Same day available.

Real Time Consultation
Get a live stream walk thru, face to face in real time, to answer all of your questions, including as much data and expertise as possible on the general condition and safety of a potential investment property, instantly. Same day available. Services do not include attics or crawlspaces.

Our inspectors are trained and experienced to perform thorough general home inspections. We’re also state-licensed to perform mold inspections. We’ll look over the residential or commercial property from roof to foundation so you can make an informed buying decision. Reach out to us today to discuss your needs.