When It Comes to Commercial Property, Knowledge Is Power.

Get a commercial property inspection in Troy, OH or Dayton, OH

When you’re buying or selling commercial property in Troy, Dayton or the surrounding areas, you need to know what’s lurking under the walls, in the crawl space and in your air ducts. It’s difficult to trust people who have an agenda with the task. Your realtor wants to sell you the property no matter what, and your prospective buyers want to lower the price.

Thankfully, you have another option.

The impartial professionals at Shough Property Inspections offer commercial inspections for buildings of all sizes in Troy, and Dayton, OH. Call 937-418-3525 right now to schedule an inspection before you take another step in the commercial real estate process.

3 reasons to have your commercial property inspected

For most business owners, a commercial property inspection isn’t optional. Here are three reasons you need to have a professional inspector take a look at your property before you buy or sell it:

  1. If you’re selling the building, you’ll be able to make any necessary repairs before you list it.
  2. If you want to buy a certain property, you can negotiate the price better if you know the building’s flaws.
  3. Building inspections help keep your employees safe from dangers like mold growth, electrical issues and plumbing problems.

Remember—don’t show off your property until Shough has taken a look at it. Schedule your commercial inspection today.